I went to hairdressing school at the Aveda Institute Toronto, and I've taken classes with l'Oréale and Glassbox for hair and barbering. Been doing hair for 5 years, and been a barber stylist for 3 years. My fave part of doing hair is making that connection with clients, and seeing my clients leave my chair with a smile on their faces, feeling and looking better then when they walked in. Nothing makes me happier than knowing that I've made a positive change in someone's day, even if it is just a haircut, because our outer appearance can really reflect how we feel about ourselves. When someone gets a bad haircut, that's a look they're stuck with for the next few weeks, and that just isnt a good feeling. I love doing short hair especially because it's like sculpting, and you really cant hide a mistake if you make one. The precision, and attention to detail barbering requires resonates with me, cause what you see is what you get, and that little bit of pressure is what drives me to be better every time. My fave kind of cut are creative cuts, when someone is down to get something a little out there, that just makes my day 😊


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