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I have worked as a hairstylist for a large part of my life and two years ago decided to make a career change. The reason I say this is that I understand the work, effort and skill that goes into being a successful stylist and/or barber and after leaving my last job I thought finding a barber that cared about my hair preferences would be nearly impossible but then I had the pleasure of coming across Tyler. You can see the passion, talent and skill from the very instant you meet him. His attentiveness to every clients needs is astounding and really is something you wish you would see anytime you go into any place of business. I always leave 

Dan Ethier

Tyler’s chair with an extra boost of confidence and in my opinion you just can’t put a price on that. If you want someone who is genuinely excited and interested in achieving your hair goals and has the skill to help you achieve whatever those goals are then I would suggest you wait no longer and schedule that appointment. Believe me you and your hair will be glad you did!

Dan Ethier

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Coming from a half asian background, I've always had trouble with growing facial hair. Within a few months of using MPLcuts'  oil, I had enough hair that I could finally grow an even and full beard. In addition to the extra growth, the hair was also much softer and healthier. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to grow a better beard. 

Phil Carson

Can’t say enough good things about this beard oil!!  It works amazingly!! I’ve been using it for about 4 months and have seen quick growth of my facial hair - and have received lots of comments about how fast my beard is growing in!!

I highly recommend this oil to other FtM guys who are looking for non-medicinal ways to stimulate facial hair growth!


I always wanted to take my beard game to the next level but didn't know where to start. Tyler gave me a quick crash course on how to properly grow and maintain a thick luscious beard. The first stop in this journey is washing my beard with shampoo and Tyler's beard oil once every 3 days and applying the oil again after washing.


It reduces the irritation and itchiness and I can visibly see the difference in the color and vibrance of my beard. I was also surprised by how it was not sticking to my fingers when I play unconsciously with the beard (as every man with a beard does). I would recommend Tyler's beard oil for men with corse, thick and unruly beards. It truly worked its magic.

Gokul K

"I hit a plateau with my beard growth and started to doubt that I'd ever have a full beard, causing me all kinds of stress as a transguy! As my frustration grew I was lucky enough to connect with Tyler from MPLcuts and purchase his local beard oil. After a short period I noticed the hair starting to thicken and appear in new spots across my face. Taking control of my face care and overall appearance means keeping Tyler's products in stock"

Hayden W


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